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Welcome to Zoe Home School. We are home school umbrella organization based in the Holt community of Tuscaloosa County and we do accept families outside of our home congregation at Soma Church.
We exist to give support to families wishing to educate their children at home( Deuteronomy 6:6-9.) We provide administrative assistance and a church sponsored covering for parents to legally and legitimately home school their children. In order for our families to receive educational and social support for their children, we offer cooperative education classes on Fridays throughout the school year (located at Soma Church 212 44th Ct NE Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35404)
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Zoe Home School 
 Education For Life.
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Our co-op is currently going!! Feel free to stop on by if you're interested. We have classes from 10-2. We always welcome new faces, and families. Just give us a call and let us know you'll be there. 

Thanks so much!! See you all Friday! 
The members of the board of Zoe Home School are available all day to help you with any need. Feel free to email, call, or text us. 
Our Covering is Soma Church. Located off of Crescent Ridge Rd. In Holt Alabama.
​Pastor: Shaun Faulkner 
Sunday: 10am
Wednesday: 7pm

Paula Wildgrube, with her little deputy Eli Hallman

One of our many video game get togethers for the boys.

A dearly loved family who used to co-op, and home school with us is doing mission work in Costa Rica
Here is there blog if you are interested in following their stories, or giving moral support. 
These are truly amazing people, we are so blessed to know them, and to have shared in their lives.